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Problems needing attention before using the hedge machine

1. Before using the hedgerow machine, please read the application copy carefully to clarify the function of the machine and the precautions for use.

2. The hedgerow machine is used to trim hedges and shrubs. In order to prevent unexpected disturbances, do not use it for other purposes.

3. The hedgerow machine is equipped with high-speed moving cutting knives. If the operation is wrong, it is very risky. So when you are tired or uncomfortable,

Do not use the hedge trimmer after taking cold medicine or drinking alcohol.

4. The feet are slippery and it is difficult to adhere to the same posture.

5. It is difficult to confirm the safety around the homework site due to dense fog or night.

6. When the weather is not good (rain, strong wind, thunder, etc.).

7. When using the hedge trimmer for the first time, be sure to ask an experienced person to give instructions on the use of the hedge trimmer before you begin to practice your homework.