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Precautions for using garden tools

In the garden maintenance work, the comprehensive coverage of garden machinery will become a reality. How to expand the use and improve the use efficiency, the following points need to be paid attention to.

1. Fully grasp the performance characteristics and common sense of maintenance of various machines (hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, tea pickers, brush cutters, etc.). Before purchasing and using, you must fully understand all kinds of machinery, make targeted selections, and ensure the rationality of use. Also check the maintenance knowledge of related machinery and standardize maintenance methods.

2. Provide relevant technical training for operators. Operators must be trained and trained, and they are allowed to operate with the machine after passing the assessment. Different garden tools must be assessed separately and checked regularly.

3. Develop a daily maintenance plan for garden tools. Effectively do the repair and maintenance work, so that the mechanical energy can be used effectively for a long time without failure. Maintenance must be comprehensive and meticulous, and continuous execution, especially in busy times, requires persistence.

4. There are detailed technical requirements and operating specifications. In order to ensure the normal use of garden tools, technical requirements and operating specifications for machinery should also be formulated, precautions during use should be clarified, and operating steps should be standardized.